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Beavers Waiting List

The Beaver waiting list for 7th Epsom is held by Diane Lynch. It normally only contains boys and girls who are waiting to become 6 years old!

When the child becomes 6 there is normally a space in one of the Beaver colonies providing that the child can attend on the appropriate day.

We have an intake for new Beavers at the beginning of each school term to minimise disruption.

Occasionally the child is unable to attend on the day where there is a vacancy or wants to join on the day his friend attends. In these circumstances there will be a ‘wait’ until there is a vacancy on that particular night.

There is no priority given to those who have been on the waiting list longest because, so far, we have been able to offer every child a place within a few weeks of their 6th birthday.

BUT please continue to put your child on the list as it helps us to plan for the future and ensure that there are enough spaces available!

If a child requests to join Beavers after they are 6 they will automatically be offered a place on a night where there is a vacancy.

This is how the list operates! If you believe that there are better options, please e-mail the Group Scout Leader and express your view! It will be discussed by the Group Scout Leaders and either rejected or accepted!