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Boidierhurst Scout Camp Site


How to find it

Box Hill Road


Go from Epsom towards the Downs up Ashley Road.

Turn right at the traffic lights at the top of the hill towards Langley Vale. Follow this road down past Langley Vale, up a hill, round a left bend to a cross roads (road ahead is dead end).

Turn left towards Headley and Walton, follow this road round a bend to the right, under the M25, through Headley (past The Cocked Horse PH), continuing until it bends left and goes over Headley Heath, turn right after Heath into Boxhill Road.

After half a mile turn right up track signposted on left ìBoidierhurstî, past house and stables, then turn left through gateway and along track to car park.
PLEASE drive slowly to avoid frightening horses, annoying neighbours and damaging your vehicle!





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