Beaver Scouts are the youngest section of Scouting, they are typically from 6 to 8 years of age.

The Beaver Scout Motto is “Fun and Friends” and this accurately describes the form the meetings take! Typically, a meeting could include games, craft, stories and acting; they seldom include silence! We also get out and about as much as possible – going on hikes, pond dipping, climbing, etc.

Beaver Colonies are named after Canadian rivers. Each Colony is led by a Beaver Scout Leader (BSL) and is divided into “Lodges”. The BSL will appoint an older Beaver Scout as a Lodge Leader.

Meetings are from 5:00 to 6:15 pm in the Scout HQ. The Beaver Colonies are:

  • Clearwater, who meet on Mondays
  • Willowlake, who meet on Tuesdays
  • Windfall, who meet on Thursdays

Beaver Uniform

Moving Up

Beavers go up to Cubs in the term after they reach 8 years of age.

How to Join

For someone to join Beavers they must be added to the waiting list. This can be requested by email here.