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The Troop is led by a Scout Leader (SL) and is divided into Patrols of about 7 Scouts led by a Patrol Leader (PL). There are approximately 100 scouts and 16 Patrols. We have officially the largest scout troop in Surrey!


The Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) consists of all the PL’s from the Troop and, under the guidance of the SL, the PLC plans the programme and sets the standard for the Troop.


The PL is responsible for the training of the younger scouts in his or her Patrol and, with the approval of the SL, takes their Patrol on camps of short duration (e.g. weekends), hikes, expeditions etc. The PL’s are elected by the PLC and nominate their own Assistant Patrol Leader (APL).


The Troop meets from 7.30 to 9.30 p.m. on Fridays in the HQ (Boys and Girls).




Moving up

As the Cubs passed into Scouts, so the Scouts pass into Explorers. This happens at 14.