Parental Involvement

Please take an active interest in your childís Scouting and encourage them to participate in their Sectionís activities. Absence from meetings and camps makes a mockery of progressive training and inevitably results in loss of interest. There can be no doubt at all that the value of Scouting is directly proportional to the length of time spent in the Movement. Please help the Leaders to help your child get the maximum benefit.

If you have ploughed your way through all of the above, you will appreciate that the Group functions only because of parental involvement. This means you! With no apologies, a brief summary: the quality of Section programmes is proportional to the adult time available. There is always room for more help from adults as fund raisers, or fund savers, by using skills/time on repairs and maintenance to save hiring labour. The greater the number of people willing to help the Group, the fewer demands on any one personís time.

Please think very carefully how your talents can be used to help the Group and discuss the matter with the GSL or Group Chairman. You might find that working with the Group is not only worthwhile – but also great fun.



These are just a few of the opportunities available in 7th Epsom at the moment:

Epsom Fireworks Bonfire Co Ordinator

The bonfire co ordinator ensures the wood is delivered through to the site being cleared up. We have plenty of volunteers to help but need someone to take responsibility for this part of the event.

Epsom Fireworks Programme Advertising

Another area of the fireworks event that we need someone, or a small team, to take on. It involves getting advertising (largely repeats) and editorial, setting the programme and passing it over to the printer.


We need volunteers to join the team to ensure that our equipment is safe, maintained and stored correctly; booked in and out; and replaced when necessary.

Equipment includes a variety of tents, stoves, lights, axes, saws, camp beds, first aid kits, games equipment, maps, compasses, ropes, pulleys, cooking and kitchen equipment.

HQ Maintenance

We need volunteers to join the team that maintains our headquarters. Some tasks need experts called in, many need supervision or just doing! Tasks include painting, repairing doors and windows, fixing dripping tape in fact, all the usual ëround the houseí tasks every property has! Applications and requests for further information to David Shickle (Group Scout Leader) 07770 782312 or Kevin Mead (Chairman) 07768 066830.